Hello world

Posted by dtsomp on Sat 11 August 2018

My personal blog has not been updated for so long, it might as well be dead. With that in mind, I've decided to try out something new and go for a custom domain and a new blog engine.

If you're reading this, then you already know the new domain :)

To get the blog up and running, I've opted for Pelican, a Python-based static site generator. I think that static pages are a perfect fit for blogs and I really, really, REALLY wanted to move away the Blogger platform. The choice of engine itself is a bit random, I don't really have any experience of static site generators, so I just picked one that seemed to fit the bill. It's part of the whole experiment, really.

I'll attempt to host this on Github Pages.

On the plus side, I get to use Vim to edit posts.

Here's hoping things work out.

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